Student Reviews

I would recommend Brendan 10/10. He was so relaxed during the lessons and has a great way of teaching. He is patient, supportive and very knowledgeable. There is always good conversation and lots of laughs. Brendan prioritizes safety and has a great way of putting this across and engraining this into his students. Brendan and GoGetDriving should not be passed for someone looking for lessons. Every single lesson is top quality
Review from Samantha Behan.
Brendan is a brilliant driving instructor. He is patient and understanding and will go out of his way to help when and where he can. He is a lovely man and has a great way of putting you at ease, especially if at times you might be nervous on the road. I would absolutely recommend Brendan to everyone and anyone looking for driving lessons.
Review from Jeremiah Lynch.
Brendan is a fantastic driving instructor. His patience is unbelievable and he is an absolute gent of a fella. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Brendan. I was a person who was terrified of getting behind the wheel and after a few lessons, that fear went away. And for anyone who’s looking to get on the road, I’d highly recommend Brendan. So what are you waiting for? Go get driving!
Review from Maurice O’Connor.
Cannot recommend Brendan enough he took on my son after he got 12 lessons elsewhere but learned absolutely nothing. Brendan had him driving perfectly with confidence and no nerves after just 4 lessons and he passed his test 1st time. Highly recommend.
Review from Lorraine Moloney.
I had a wonderful driving experience with Brendan during my lessons. His encouragement, patience and kindness gave me the confidence to be comfortable in safe driving. I could not recommend anyone better!
Review from Leah Cunningham.
As someone with no prior driving experience, Brendan was able to get me from beginner to passing my test first try within only 5 months. He was very patient when I had reams of questions to ask and was extremely accommodating in my attempts to get as many lessons done as quickly as possible or to reschedule lessons to suit my work times. He made sure I was as prepared as possible with practice tests and was great to work with! Would and have 100% recommended Brendan to family and friends.
Review from Gráinne Buckley.
Could not recommend Brendan enough. Would not have passed my test if it wasn’t for him. He has so much patience and experience and would highly recommend to anyone trying to get on the road.
Review from Kate O’Brien.
Great service! Had only positive experience while learning to drive.
Thank you, Brendan, for patience and fun lessons, your sense of humour really helped me to get over my lack of confidence and fear and you DID teach me to drive carefully and thoughtfully.
I would highly recommend Go Get Driving if you are looking to start your driving lesson!
Review from Kcehia Aphaytoba Koewkep.
Brendan is a brilliant driving instructor. He made me feel so much more confident and at ease while driving. He always made time for me during a busy work week. Couldn’t recommend him enough.
Review from Taylor Madigan.
I completed all of my driving lessons with Brendan and flew through my test along with my friend, brother, brother in law, and 2 sisters all passing our driving test first try with Brendan and that’s no coincidence. From the very start Brendan makes you test the waters to see exactly where you are and what is needed to improve he is patient but will not hesitate to tell you when you are wrong. He was very accommodating with fitting me in for lessons on either short notice or when it suited me best. He is well able to tell when a learner is ready or not for their test and will recommend sitting a test when he feels the driver is capable not just when all 12 lessons are complete. I highly recommend GoGetDriving or Brendan to anyone and it’s a 5 star rating for me.
Review from Adam James Kingston.
Cannot rate Brendan Sheehan enough I’ve been to different instructors in the past before I met Brendan, he was the top an the best so very particular, a perfectionist, I passed my test first time an that was thanks to the help with Brendan I’m not shocked he got voted number 1 the best instructor in limerick an that’s where I found Brendan so glad I did, 5 stars to Brendan would give more if I could.
Review from Sandra Killeen.