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Prepare For The Test
Before your test day you need to do the following:  
  1. Read and understand the Rules of the Road Booklet.
  2. Have Driving Lessons with one of our RSA Approved Driving Instructors.
When accompanied by a fully licensed driver (of two years ) practise as much driving as possible on all types of road. Practise driving in different situations, including driving at night and only practise on test routes when your test date is imminent.

The driving test is designed to establish whether you know the Rules of the Road, and have the knowledge and skill to drive competently in accordance with the rules. The test also checks to see if you can drive with due regard for the safety and convenience of other road users.

When you are with your Approved Driving Instructor they will advice you on the following:
  1. When to book your test.
  2. What your examiner needs to see in order for you to be passed.
  3. How to understand your car or the GoGetDriving.ie learner car.
  4. Practice with you on the test route at the same time your test is planned to take place.
  5. What weak points you need to practice, for example hill starts.
  6. Before your test help you ensure your car is in good mechanical order.
  7. Some practical tips to help you with your nerves.

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